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Goudie wolf attack

Rabid wolf chases two families on snowmobile trip in Labrador

Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Saturday, January 31, 2015, 1:35 PM - Two families say they're grateful to be alive after a frightening run-in with a rabid wolf in Labrador last Sunday.

Shortly after the encounter, the wolf was tracked down and killed by wildlife officers, according to CBC News. It was later determined the animal had rabies -- the first reported case in the Labrador West area since July. 

In an interview via Skype (see video above), Michelle Sexton and Jennifer Patey say they were about 20 minutes into their snowmobiling trip with their husbands and children when the frightening ordeal began. 

They say the animal began to charge at them, and started to attack the skis on their snowmobiles. 

Sexton says the interaction lasted about 20 minutes.

"There was nowhere you could put your kids safe enough or get away fast enough because he was right behind you," said Sexton in an interview with CBC. "He came directly at the Ski-Doo, right for us, showing his teeth." 

The two families began fearing for their lives as the wolf began lunging at the snowmobiles, standing up on its hind legs near the children.

"I screamed in my helmet, but no one could hear me," said Patey. 

Eventually, the families were able to get away and track down wildlife officers, who immediately sprung into action. After a 25-minute hunt, officers tracked down and killed the rabid wolf. 

Sexton says she's grateful that everyone is now safe, adding "it could have been a lot worse." 

Officials with the Department of Natural Resources said in a statement Thursday that while there's no confirmation of any human or domestic animal making contact with the wolf, officials are asking the general public to report any possible contact with the animal before the Jan. 25 incident. 

WATCH BELOW: Wolf attack victims speak about their ordeal

With files from CBC News.

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