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Rabbit Island on YouTube in all its glory

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, September 9, 2014, 1:09 PM - For those people who actively dislike rabbits, the video above may not be for you.

Shot a couple of months ago on the Japanese island of Ōkunoshima - known also, for obvious reasons, as Usagi Jima, or "Rabbit Island" - it's what happens when our long-eared friends are given an island to rule.

If, as it happens, you are one of those people who are tickled by the sight of a horde of hungry rabbits all but smothering a grown human being, there's plenty more where that came from! The video is only the debut episode of a multi-part series on Rabbit Island by YouTube channel and rabbit timesink My BB Bunny.

The top video has been making the rounds in recent days, although it's weeks old, but the series is still ongoing. Here's the latest episode, from a day ago:

Each episode has a bit of background on what was shot. In this case:

"In the summer months, fresh water is scarce for the bunnies on Rabbit Island. There are a number of water pans throughout the island, and in this video one of the pans are filled with fresh bottled water," the YouTube poster writes.

Needless to say, the rabbits are very, very tame. They made the following footage episode 14, but apparently it was shot at the first encounter between the film crew and the denizens of Rabbit Island:

It's such a neat and cute little place. We hate to spoil it for you, but the island has an awful, awful not-so-secret past.

It was the site of Japan's secret poison gas research facility, which, according to Business Insider, used rabbits for testing.

The plant was shut down after Japan's defeat in the Second World War, and the original rabbits were apparently euthanized.

The carrot-loving throng you see in those videos are apparently descended from eight rabbits released by schoolchildren in 1971.

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