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Nor'easter impact | Quebec snow

Storm bumps up Quebec's snow totals, 200+ cm this winter

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Thursday, March 15, 2018, 11:42 AM - The third nor'easter in a series of relentless storms blasting Atlantic Canada brought more heavy snow and treacherous travel to parts of Quebec Wednesday, adding to the impressive snowfall already seen this winter. We're talking 200+ cm since the start of the season for some.

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"An intense storm from the American East Coast gave significant snowfalls and high winds to eastern Quebec," says Environment Canada in a storm summary for the province. "Snow start to accumulate Tuesday afternoon over southern Quebec."

The city of Montreal saw over 20 cm with this latest storm, while areas including Drummondville and Sutton saw totals between 30-50+ cm. The quickly deteriorating conditions forced several road and highway closures Wednesday and left some motorists stranded along the sides of the roads. South of Quebec City, the Ministry of Transport closed most secondary roads. The storm also shut down more than 100 schools and several flights at Montreal's Trudeau airport were cancelled as well. 

Quebec's exceptional winter, 200+ cm of snow

This latest winter battering not only follows two other powerful nor'easters that had direct impact and dumped 30+ cm of snow on parts of Quebec last week, but it has also added to the exceptional snowfall totals experienced this winter. 

As of March 15, the city of Montreal has recorded 243 cm of snow since October 1. In an average winter season, about 200 cm falls in the city. 

"It's a rare occassion, but Montreal has had the snowiest winter in the south of the province," says Weather Network's sister station, MétéoMédia, adding that it's beaten the 225 cm of snow that has fallen in Quebec City so far.

"Gatineau has recorded 205 cm so far, while Sherbrooke is at the back of the pack with a total of 156 cm (almost 100 cm less than normal)," says MétéoMédia.

Meanwhile, in Gaspé, a total of 400 cm of snow has fallen! The record of Gaspé goes back to the winter of 1994-1995 when 589 cm of snow was recorded.  

Be sure to check back as we continue to provide updates on this storm.

WATCH BELOW: Southern Quebec sees another lashing of snow from third nor'easter

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