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Puppy sent to Winnipeg on WestJet ends up in Calgary

Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Thursday, January 15, 2015, 12:02 PM - WestJet is in the doghouse after mistakenly sending a puppy to the wrong Canadian city.

The airline was supposed to deliver the eight-week-old Bernese Mountain Dog named Levon to Winnipeg from an Ontario breeder. But Westjet employees forgot to unload the pooch from the cargo hold in Winnipeg and continued on to Calgary with the dog still on board.

Breeder, Jennifer Lennon of Haustier Bernese Mountain Dogs, put out an alert on Facebook that the pup was stolen before it turned up in Alberta. Once knew where the dog had ended up, she asked a friend in Calgary to pick it up and care for it until it could be put on another flight to Winnipeg.

“The dog over-flew,” said spokesperson Brie Ogle in an interview with CTV Winnipeg . “It was not lost, not missing, certainly not stolen.” 

Levon was flown to Winnipeg Thursday morning. 

With files from CTV Winnipeg.

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