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The tiny dog was given oxygen while fire officials worked for hours.

Puppy rescued from Florida drain pipe

Friday, August 15, 2014, 6:15 PM - A twelve-week puppy was wandering around a Pompano Beach, Florida dog park when all of a sudden it disappeared.

The Havanese named Lucy was being monitored by its owner when it fell down a drain pipe. The owner could hear Lucy's cries but wasn't able to see the young dog. Firefighters arrived at the scene and determined the cries were coming from a 20 centimeter diameter pipe. Rescuers had to dig around the pipe to reach her.

While the puppy was stuck for a couple of hours, there was no urgent need for medical attention. Lucy was just wet and tired but not hurt.

Puppy perils abroad

A labradoodle named Pepper went through quite a scare in southern England. The dog fell off a cliff in Hastings on Wednesday afternoon. Despite rescue operations starting almost immediately, it took more than 26 hours to help the dog. Pepper was hoisted up the cliff and was found to be dehydrated and exhausted. Pepper's owner said he would never let his dog walk without a leash near a cliff again.

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