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Protect your kids this summer with... a safety suit?!

Photo: St John Ambulance via YouTube

Photo: St John Ambulance via YouTube

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    Jen Bartram
    Digital News Editor

    Wednesday, July 23, 2014, 1:13 PM -

    With school summer vacation in full swing there are lots of opportunities to go out and cause mischief.

    But cautious parents who are dreading their kids falling over or breaking a leg can now relax, as St John Ambulance has released its Safety Suit.

    Inflated with air, the suit forms a bubble around a child, protecting him or her from any bumps or scrapes, and handy shin pads will prevent any nasty bruises. Parents can be safe in the knowledge that this sartorial bouncy castle will stop their little boy or girl from coming to any harm.

    St John Ambulance has launched its Safety Suit by releasing this short film.

    However, skip to the end and it soon becomes apparent that, sadly, it’s a spoof. The campaign is really intended to discourage parents from wrapping their children up in cotton wool and instead, take the time to learn vital first aid skills.

    Sue Killen, CEO of St John Ambulance, said: “Parents who learn first aid gain the peace of mind to let their children enjoy everything childhood has to offer, as well as the knowledge to look after them, whatever happens.

    “Young people should be able to enjoy an exciting, carefree summer – just taking a few minutes to learn some skills on our website will help make that a reality.”

    Whilst the campaign has a great message, we must admit that we were disappointed when we learned the suit wasn't real – we thought it looked like great fun!

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