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'Come visit!' PM Trudeau tweets out aurora photo

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017, 1:24 PM - Canada's northern location makes it a prime place to view the aurora borealis as it dances in the skies, though not usually this far south.

The Northern Lights -- a phenomenon caused by charged solar particles striking Earth's atmosphere -- do occasionally venture down far enough to be visible across the Prairies, but it's much more rare for them to be seen as far as southern Ontario. Still, they were definitely visible this week, with social media lighting up with choice shots of the arresting view.

This week's lightshow was even seized upon by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who tweeted a photo of the the aurora "somewhere over Canada" while en route to Vietnam, urging people to visit Canada to see it for themselves.

People already in Canada this week definitely won't need the hard sell. Plenty of night time shutterbugs tweeted photos and video of the lights as they sparked over the country.

Below is a selection of our favourites. Enjoy!

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