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Obama meets dancing robot

President Obama meets disaster recovery robot, addresses climate change in Tokyo

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    Thursday, April 24, 2014, 12:46 PM -

    U.S. president Barack Obama is meeting with the heads of Japan on his first stop of a four-nation tour of Asia.

    Japan is known for its robots and it didn't disappoint on Obama's trip to the major science museum in Tokyo.

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    The U.S. president met Asimo, Honda's humanoid robot, which welcomed Obama in English and showed off its soccer and dancing skills.

    The president then met another robot, Schaft, which was designed to help with disaster recovery.

    President Obama also talked about climate change as he addressed students in Tokyo Thursday.

    "As we just are a few days after Earth Day, it's important when we look at this globe and think about how technology has allowed us to understand the planet that we share and to understand not only the great possibilities but the challenges and dangers from things like climate change that your generation is going to help us to find answers to some of the questions that we have to answer," Obama said.

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