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Alberta | Twin storms

Next round of snow moves in fast for Alberta, another 10+cm

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Saturday, March 17, 2018, 12:11 PM - The abrupt change back into winter across southern Alberta features not one, but two snow-filled systems. The first of the two dumped up to 30 cm of snow on Thursday with another 5-10+ cm pushing in for the weekend. Brace for more dangerous travel conditions. 

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Weather Highlights

  • Snow with second system pushed into southwestern Alberta late Friday night, with moisture expected to linger through Sunday. 
  • Heaviest snowfall amounts expected in the Foothills, between 5-10 cm between Red Deer and Calgary.
  • Snow totals decrease the further north you go, less than 5 cm expected in Edmonton.

WATCH BELOW: Snowfall timing

This second round of snow will be somewhat more targetted, having begun overnight for many areas and pushing in through the day on Saturday into the northwest, reaching Calgary's doorstep Saturday morning.

"The heaviest time period for Calgary will be Saturday morning/afternoon bringing a widespread 5-10 cm, throughout the southern half of the province with some snow in southwestern Saskatchewan," Weather Network meteorologist Matt Grinter says.

Earlier in the week, a blast of snow and freezing rain made for dangerous travel, at one point forcing Calgary emergency services to issue a red alert, meaning no ambulances were available as they'd been dispatched.

Calgary's seven day snow plan is in effect with the focus on clearing priority, major roads. The plan will revert back to day one with the second system bringing more snow through the weekend, chipping away at the snow removal budget. 

So far, the city has spent $24.9 million of a $38.8 annual budget.

Mild, spring-like temperatures now a distant memory

March certainly roared in like a lion, delivering a huge blast of snow to Alberta earlier this month as well. Although it was a hefty (and much needed) round of moisture to start the month, the more recent sunny skies and warming temperatures lead to a rapid snow melt and localized flooding. Many Calgary area residents were seen using shovels to push water away from their homes early this week as spring-like temperatures rose nicely above the freezing mark.

The warming temperatures were courtesy of a ridge in the jet stream, which worked its way northward over the West Coast last weekend. For several places, these were the warmest temperatures that have occurred since late last year.

"While large temperature swings aren't abnormal on the Prairies, cracking into the double digits hadn't happened for major cities like Calgary and Edmonton since mid December," says Wenckstern.

WATCH BELOW: Calgary - Basking in sunshine, but it's not without any repercussions

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