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Parts of the Prairie region could be on track for their first 30 C day of 2017 – but first, the risk of stormy weather continues.
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Mid-summer heat ahead for the Prairies, near 30 C for many

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Thursday, May 4, 2017, 7:24 PM - Parts of the Prairies could be on track for their first 30oC day of 2017 – accompanied by the risk of new storms.

The region already saw a few rumbles pass through this week, mostly in Saskatchewan and Alberta on Tuesday, and again in Manitoba on Wednesday.

As temperatures rise, the risk returns Friday, mostly centred on central and northern Alberta, as well as the foothills, spilling over from British Columbia. 

Severe storms aren't expected at this time, though locally heavy downpours and strong winds are possible where storms do pop up.

Meanwhile, the warm-up of the region is underway, with some very summer-like temperatures ahead over the coming days.

"The Prairies are set to be quite warm into the long range. Temperatures in Southern Alberta could reach 30°C on Friday, and mid-high 20s throughout all the southern Prairies," Weather Network meteorologist Matt Grinter said Thursday.

The heat lasts into the weekend, with thunderstorms possible again in Alberta Saturday afternoon and evening. Temperatures do drop somewhat Sunday and Monday, but next week is still looking to be dominated by above-seasonal temperatures, though with stormier skies.

"A system tracks south of the border with a period of rain spreading east from southern Alberta to Manitoba during Sunday, through to Monday/Tuesday," Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham says.

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