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Eyes are looking ahead to a 'stormy' system pushing in mid-week.

Powerful low to bring stormy weather to Prairies mid-week

Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Saturday, April 19, 2014, 8:46 PM -

After bringing heavy snow to eastern Saskatchewan and western Manitoba, the first of two clippers will finally begin to exit the eastern Prairies Saturday afternoon. 

Currently, no weather watches or warnings are in place for the region, but eyes are looking ahead for another system pushing in over the next few days.

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"The second clipper will be sliding through Alberta and Saskatchewan on Easter Sunday," says Weather Network Meteorologist Brian Dillon. "This is a fast-moving clipper, so by Monday it will have already pushed into northern Ontario." 

This second clipper will bring a rain/snow mix Sunday morning to northern Alberta and western Saskatchewan.

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"As it moves through Saskatchewan and Manitoba Sunday evening, the rain/snow showers will changeover to straight rain, with a chance of an isolated thunderstorm along the Saskatchewan/Manitoba border," adds Dillon. 

There will be a calm before the next storm Monday and Tuesday throughout the Prairies, as high pressure moves overhead. 

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Wednesday is when our next big system will arrive throughout the Prairies, with below seasonal temperatures, heavy rain and windy conditions.

winn flood

winn flood

"The low will bring stormy weather to the Prairies Wednesday through Friday across all Prairie provinces," says Dillon. "Precipitation types and amounts are still being calculated in due part to the track of the low." 

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Although it's unclear as to how much rain or snow the low will bring to Winnipeg, Dillon says there is a high chance for flooding along the Red River next week. 

Be sure to check back for updates as this storm develops.

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