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Shocking photos lend credence to tornadic activity

Thursday, August 8, 2013, 1:30 PM -

A violent storm swept through southern Ontario Wednesday, bringing powerful winds that knocked out power and caused some flooding in Peterborough. According to Environment Canada, Peterborough saw 39.1 millimetres of rain. Numerous weather warnings were also issued around southern Ontario. This included Peterborough, Kawarthas, Pembroke, and Carnarvon, just to name a few. 

The storm also forced the MusicFest concert in Peterborough to be postponed due to a power outage. They later cancelled the Royal Wood concert for the evening and rescheduled it for a later date. 

Environment Canada has yet to confirm if a tornado touched down in the Carnarvon area north of Minden around 5 p.m. ET. Other possible tornado sightings around Orillia, Ont., are also being investigated. Teams have been sent by environment Canada to assess the damage in these areas and determine if they were in fact tornadoes. 

And with clouds this ominous, you know the damage is going to be bad!

While we wait to hear from Environment Canada to confirm if a tornado touched down, here are a few pictures following the storm:

STORM ROLLING IN: Storm clouds coming from over the water (Courtesy Sean Donnelly, Sarnia)

SPOTTED: Dark skies and funnel cloud (Courtesy Betty Holman, Grand Valley)

FUNNEL CLOUD FORMING: you can see the water being lifted from the funnel! (Courtesy Diane Allen, Head Lake)

TREE DAMAGE: Piece of plastic from lawn furniture that lodged into the tree

HOLE IN HOUSE: Hole caused by a tree that flew into the house

HOUSE DAMAGE: last night's storm caused the tv antenna to break

UPROOTED TREE: This tree did not stand a chance against the storm

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