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Regina Police warn against taking the law into your own paws.

Police to would-be dog rescuers: Don't break that car window

Caroline Floyd

Tuesday, May 2, 2017, 7:47 PM - With temperatures set to climb across the Prairies this week - and some spots looking at their first 30oC day of the year - the Regina Police Service has issued a friendly reminder to those who might break a window to free a dog from a hot car this summer:

Don't do it.

The service took to social media on Monday to clarify the law, saying they'd received a number of questions from the public on the topic, citing a popular Facebook post that claims it's permissible to break someone's car window to rescue a dog in distress.

"Please DON'T take legal advice from Facebook," Regina Police said in their statement. "We would never condone your breaking someone else's window when there are so many other steps you can take."

DRAMATIC RESCUE: Man smashes BMW window to free trapped dog: Summer 2016

Instead of taking the law into their own hands, as one man did last summer in Grand Bend, seen in the above video, Regina Police urge citizens to call your local animal protection agency or local police.

The temperature inside a car can exceed 50oC after only five minutes when the temperature outside is above 30oC. Cracking the windows makes little difference.

The Ontario SPCA hosts a website - NoHotPets.ca - offering the same advice, as well as promoting the campaign against leaving pets in cars in hot cars in the first place. The SPCA says it receives hundreds of reports of pets left in cars every year.

Regina Police added that they love dogs, but "breaking someone's window without taking other, more reasonable, steps first will probably result in unwanted consequences for you."

Sources: Regina Police Services | CBC News | RSPCA |

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