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The discovery has left authorities with more questions than answers

Plane submerged deep in a lake baffles authorities

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    Saturday, September 21, 2013, 6:44 PM -

    North Carolina authorities have found a plane submerged deep in a lake and are trying to find out who the aircraft belonged to.

    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said a dive team first saw the plane when they were looking for a drowning victim on Lake Norman. 

    Divers from another station, doing practice drills on the water with a sonar, knew as soon as they spotted it, they needed to get a closer look. 

    "They did a cursory search of the plane just to make there wasn't any obvious victims or anything that stood out," said Battalion Chief Kent Davis, of the Charlotte Fire Department. 

    Rescue workers said the doors of the plane could not be opened. The tail is 80 feet underwater, the nose 100. 

    Charlotte firefighters say they cannot get the plane out of the lake unless it is part of an investigation -- but what they really want to know is why and how the plane ended up there. 

    "There's the folklore of drug runners on the lake and things like that," said Chief Davis. "At this time its just working with the FAA to determine whose plane it was and find out how it got there." 

    Dick Mahoney has lived in the neighborhood for years and says he has never heard of a plane crash. 

    "If there's a plane in there no doubt somebody should have reported a plane missing. Family reporting pilots. Its very strange," said Mahoney to reporters. 

    If there is one thing that people do know, it is that this discovery has led to more questions than answers.

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