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Must see: Severe storms, massive hail rock Northeast

Caroline Floyd

Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 5:50 PM - Severe weather struck the US again on Tuesday, as a squall line roared across New York, Pennsylvania, and into New England. At least 8 tornado warnings were issued through the afternoon and early evening, with at least one tornado sighted by a trained spotter along the New York/Pennsylvania border. Baseball-sized hail also pummeled parts of the region, with wind gusts close to 70 mph reported as the line swept through.

Storms are expected to race through the New York City and Boston metros through the early evening, moving through the rest of southern New England and New Jersey later in the evening and early overnight.

Images of massive hail, heavy downpours, and ominous clouds popped up on social media through the afternoon hours. We've collected some of them, below.

Hail in New York state. From Dave Lewison and Scott McPartland

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