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Canadian News | B.C. Wildfires

Photos: B.C. wildfires burn out of control, see the impact

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Saturday, July 15, 2017, 12:44 PM - Widespread wildfires continue to burn across southern and central parts of B.C., with a province-wide state of emergency in place since July 7.

More than 200 active wildfires have forced the evacuation of an estimated 16,000 people thus far, and swathed the Interior with special air quality alerts due to thick smoke. Though the number of wildfires has slowly been diminishing, dry and windy weather conditions have not been helpful this week, and conditions are likely to worsen over the weekend.

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Quick Facts

  • 124 active wildfires larger than 0.01 hectares as of midnight PDT on Saturday, according to BC Wildfire Service
  • At least three of the fires have grown to more than 10,000 hectares in size.Β 
  • Estimated 16,000 people either under evacuation orders or self-evacuated
  • Open fires are prohibited province-wide, except for the Haida Gwaii and the 'fog zone' of west coastal Vancouver Island
  • The weather remains unfavourable into the weekend, with widespread dry and windy conditions.

Below is an on-the-ground look at the impact of B.C.'s wildfires.

Forest fire view from Fawn Lake, B.C. Image courtesy of Marie Degen.

Captured near Cache Creek, B.C. Image courtesy of Francine LeBlanc.

Sunset during 11 hours of wildfires burning near 100 Mile House, B.C. Image courtesy of Janette Curtis.

Green mountain fire near Quesnel, B.C. Image courtesy of Mary Sword.

Wildfire near 108 Mile House, B.C. Image courtesy of Michelle Obre.

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