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Alberta | Winter returns

Proof of the two-faced week in Alberta, sun to 30 cm of snow

Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Friday, March 16, 2018, 10:11 AM - Just as southern Albertans were shedding the layers and thinking about packing away the winter gear, BOOM! Winter is back and with a DOUBLE shot of snow. Talk about a two-faced week for the province.

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After enjoying some of the mildest conditions since mid-December earlier this week, temperatures are tumbling and heavy snow is adding up. On Thursday alone, between 10-30 cm was recorded with an additional 5-10+ cm on route for the weekend.

The Weather Network's Calgary reporter Deb Matejicka is likely regretting these words (watch below) from earlier this week.

WATCH: Reporter, "basking in sunshine" (Monday)

VERSUS: Same reporter, "we are barely getting out of this first snow event, and bracing for another" (Friday)

The first official day of spring is next Tuesday, but it's hard to believe that when we're seeing winter scenes like this. 

PHOTOS: Winter wins again!

WATCH BELOW: Alberta 2018 Spring Forecast

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