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This viewer tried to get up close and personal with this natural occurrence, now you can too.

Rare photos of a flipped iceberg in Antarctica

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Monday, January 19, 2015, 2:28 PM - Alex Cornell has captured rare -- and spectacular -- photos of a flipped over iceberg in Antarctica.

The images were taken during a family vacation in December.

"We saw thousands of icebergs of course, but only one revealed its gorgeous underside — the 90% 'below the surface' you hear so much about," Cornell writers at Gizmodo

"Icebergs are typically white, like you see in pictures. This one had recently flipped over and had this arresting alien-green color to it. It looked a lot more like a parked spacecraft than a floating iceberg."

Cornell shot a series of images from a safe distance. While beautiful, flipped icebergs can be dangerous, as they can flip again without a moment's notice.

Photo courtesy: Alex Cornell/Facebook

Cornell says the iceberg was "the most incredible thing" he had ever seen, and the photographs don't do it justice.

Visit Alex's website to see more iceberg photos.


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