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Canadian Redditors send advice to frozen Americans

Caroline Floyd

Sunday, December 31, 2017, 4:11 PM - What do you do when it's so cold you just can't take it anymore? Seek out advice from the experts, of course!

One Reddit user from Philadelphia did just that this week, heading over to r/Edmonton to ask residents of the Alberta city how they cope with the cold weather. Edmonton was colder than both the North and South Poles at times this week. In December, the city's high temperature averages a brisk minus 4oC. Since Christmas, they have struggled to exceed minus 18oC.

"I live in Philadelphia and I noticed that you guys are always around -1 or less in Fahrenheit," user Throwaway4philly1 asked the Edmonton forum. "Its 21 in Philly today and we hate it. How the heck do you guys survive out there?"

Hearty Edmontonians were happy to step up to help (be warned if you're following the links to the original posts, some of the advice in the thread came with more ... expressive  language and might not be suitable for all audiences).

Some of the posters were happier, or at least more philosophical, about embracing the cold weather than others...

... but not all of them.

In Edmonton's defense, average high temperatures throughout the summer are in the 20s, and - because of their northern location - they have exceptionally long days in the summer. The summer solstice comes with a whopping 17 hours of daylight, and sunset comes after 10 p.m. in much of June and July.

The 5th-largest municipality in Canada, the nearly-one million Edmontonians will be getting a break from the worst of the cold to start 2018, with forecast highs reaching a balmy minus 3oC on January 1.

Thumbnail image courtesy: Jennifer Jamieson

Sources: Reddit | The Edmonton Journal

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