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Perfumer captures smells of Montreal in five new fragrances

Leeanna McLean
Digital Reporter

Monday, January 2, 2017, 6:43 PM - If you've ever wondered what Montreal smells like, get a whiff of this.

Perfumer Claude André Hébert has created five fragrances inspired by different parts of the city to celebrate Montreal's 375th anniversary. The scents are sold in Hébert's store on Rue Saint-Denis for $185 a bottle.

The 47-year-old Montrealer was previously the director of Thierry Mugler Parfumerie for Eastern Canada. He has also worked for Aramis and Lancaster. It was in 2002 when he decided to work on his own collection.

According to Hébert's website, he uses natural ingredients imported from the city of Grasse, France.

Here are the five scents:

1) À l’ombre des clochers (In the shadow of bell towers)

This vintage-inspired fragrance has hints of cardamom and cinnamon to evoke the scents of Old Montreal, Hébert told The Canadian Press.

"He nostalgically evokes a bygone past where velvet, lace, crinolines dust and leather intermingled," his website reads.

2) Notre – Dame

"The journey continues with the perfume Notre-Dame, inspired by the Basilica of the same name, which reminds us of the importance that religion had for Quebecers at one time. A singular heady juice, conceived for special occasions, which relies on a cocktail of spices rich in emotions."

3) Ville-Marie

Hébert invites you to take a stroll down one of Montreal's main streets, René Lévesque Boulevard. The fragrance, "reveals a metal smell of a North American city with its skyscrapers and passing cars," the site reads.

4) Métropole (Metropolis)

This "festive" scent is inspired by St. Catherine Street, the primary commercial artery of Downtown Montreal. It's a street of many smells including, tobacco and hops.

5) Mont-Royal

"Impossible to celebrate Montreal without visiting Mount Royal, where the heart of the city beats."

This fragrance has hints of grass, fir, birch and lilac, with a "nod to the Saint Joseph's Oratory and its miraculous healing fragrance."

According to Hébert, his collection was created to help trigger memories or give someone that extra push to feel more motivated and confident.

"If all your chakras are perfect you probably don't need perfume," he told The Canadian Press. "But the perfumes are there if you need a little touch, a little push."

SOURCE: The Canadian Press | Claude Andre Hebert

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