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People of hard-hit High River, Alberta allowed to visit their homes

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    Tuesday, July 9, 2013, 2:42 PM -

    Some residents from High River neighbourhoods hardest hit by flooding in Alberta last month will be getting escorted visits through their homes.

    Photo courtesy: Caelea McRae

    Photo courtesy: Caelea McRae

    Reconstruction officials are asking people from the Hamptons and Wallaceville areas to provide their contact information so the visits can be set up.

    The government says special teams have begun assessing the houses and determining safe routes through the communities.

    Officials caution that while some houses may be safe for residents to enter on their own, other people will only be allowed in with a special technician.

    Others won't be allowed in at all, but may be allowed to see the outside of their homes.

    The two neighbourhoods were still standing in metres of water on the weekend, more than two weeks after heavy rains caused extensive flooding in much of southern Alberta.

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