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Potato supply will be tight this year, says farm group

CBC News

Friday, December 21, 2018, 4:27 PM - Newer retail customers may see some of their potato orders coming up short come summer, says the United Potato Growers of Canada.

A poor harvest in many parts of Canada has led to a smaller supply of potatoes in the country. Kevin MacIsaac, general manager of United Potato Growers, said long-term customers will be the priority, and new customers may be out of luck.

On the consumer end, he doesn't think there will be a lot of potatoes on sale in grocery store flyers this year.

"We may see the number of times they go on advertisement by the retail chain to be less," said MacIsaac.

There will not be an abundant supply of potatoes this year. (Sarah MacMillan/CBC)

"They probably will be more on regular price, which is still a good price."

Customers should also expect some misshapen potatoes and ones that are smaller than normal in the bag, but he said that will not have an impact on taste or shelf life.

Prince Edward Island was one of the areas hardest hit by bad weather, with a cold spring and dry summer hitting the growing season, and early cold and snow making the harvest difficult.


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