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June has gotten off to a rather chilly start across much of central and western Canada. What will the future hold? Dr. Doug Gillham provides a breakdown here.

Pattern change for the Prairies: Early summer weather ahead

Dr. Doug Gillham
Meteorologist, PhD

Thursday, June 19, 2014, 4:21 PM -

June has gotten off to a rather chilly start across much of central and western Canada. The blue and green colors on the map below highlight the regions that have experienced below seasonal temperatures since June 1, with green indicating temperatures that have been 3 to 5 ºC below the average temperatures for the local area.

Meanwhile, June had brought above-seasonal temperatures to much of Quebec and parts of Atlantic Canada, as indicated by the various shades of orange on the above map. However, colder-than-average ocean water temperatures have kept some coastal areas from enjoying the more summer-like temperatures. The cold water in the Great Lakes have also had an impact on temperatures in parts of Ontario.

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However, we are now in the midst shift in the weather pattern which will bring some significant changes in the temperatures across the country. This change will be most noticeable across the Prairies where near to above seasonal temperatures are expected starting on Friday and continuing much of time through the end of the month.

The national temperature forecast for Saturday and Sunday highlights the return to high temperatures in the twenties across western Canada, in contrast to the highs in the mid-teens which have been found over this region during the past week.

This pattern change will also bring below-seasonal temperatures to much of eastern Canada. Fortunately, though, below-seasonal temperatures in June can still be quite comfortable for most outdoor activities other than swimming. Newfoundland will be cool and unsettled on Saturday, but drier weather will arrive on Sunday.

As we head into next week, the warming trend will continue for western Canada and this warmer pattern should persist through most of the week. Eastern Canada will also see temperatures recover to near seasonal. Newfoundland should enjoy several days of above-seasonal temperatures next week, especially inland from the coast.

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