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Town thermometer breaks in 'world's coldest village' at -67C

Leeanna McLean
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, January 17, 2018, 3:27 PM - If you think it's frigid in Canada this winter, think again.

Temperatures in Russia were cold enough to break a brand new digital thermometer in Oymyakon, which is known as the coldest inhabited village on Earth, according to the Siberian Times. Temperatures continue to drop, forcing locals to close schools and order parents to keep children inside. Oymyakon is located in the region of Yakutia, which is home to approximately 1 million people, who regularly go to school and work in minus 40oC temperatures.

Oymyakon Highlights:

  • Rural locality in Oymyakonsky District of the Sakha Republic, Russia
  • Located along the Indigirka River
  • Coldest permanently inhabited village on Earth
  • Population: 500
  • February 6, 1993 a temperature of minus 67oC recorded at Oymyakon's weather station -- Coldest officially recorded temperature in the Northern Hemisphere

Oymyakon hit a bone-chilling low of minus 67oC on Tuesday, without the windchill.

The last time temperatures were this cold in the village was in February 1993, when Oymyakon officially hit minus 67.7oC, the Siberian Times highlights.

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Despite the chilly conditions, a group of tourists from China were photographed taking a swim in the City of Yakutsk, where temperatures were also hovering around the minus 50oC mark.

Unfortunately, venturing out into extreme cold comes with consequences. Two men froze to death over the weekend after their vehicle broke down and they were forced to walk to a nearby farm.

According to local officials, residents in the area have central heating and access to back up generators.

Coldest temperature ever recorded

What's the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth?

On July 21, 1983, Soviet researchers at Vostok Station in Antarctica's interior, well away from the climate effects of the sea, checked their instruments and found a reading of minus 89.2oC, almost one degree below the previous record set in 1960. A new record of minus 94.7oC was recorded in eastern Antarctica in August of 2010. However, you won't find it in the Guinness Book of World Records. Apparently it doesn't count, since it was measured using satellite data, not a regular thermometer.

The Weather Network complied some of the coldest places on the planet, including some that may surprise you. 

See below for more icy photos from Russia.

WATCH BELOW: Brave tourists took a plunge into a river in the world’s coldest village, Oymyakon:

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