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Severe weather in Saskatchewan brought down power lines overnight and generated lightning that may have sparked a small fire in a Saskatoon home.

Over 3000 lightning strikes hit Saskatchewan causing power outages, house fire

Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Friday, July 18, 2014, 11:56 AM - A low pressure system which formed over southern Alberta on Thursday continued to track east into Saskatchewan.

"A band of thunderstorms associated with this low pressure system rumbled across western and northern portions of the Grain Belt," said Environment Canada in a storm summary for southern Saskatchewan.

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Some of these thunderstorms were severe in nature bringing large hail, flooding rains and damaging winds.

"In Saskatoon there were over 3000 lightning strikes recorded, which caused power outages and a house fire," says EC.

Fire crews say they found smoke coming from the attic of the house and all three people inside got out safely.

The storm also toppled power lines and cut electricity across several parts of the province.

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In Alberta, golf ball sized hail smashed windows and caused significant damage in the Airdrie region.

Ryan Evans- Airdrie, Alberta

Ryan Evans- Airdrie, Alberta

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