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Orangeville, Ont., residents outraged by 'no tobogganing' sign on popular sledding hill

Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Monday, January 12, 2015, 6:21 PM - Residents of Orangeville, Ont., are outraged by a "no tobogganing" sign that has been installed at the popular sledding hill, Murray's Mountain. On Sunday a group gathered in protest.

A photo of the sign was posted to the Orangeville Ontario Facebook page on Wednesday, and has since garnered more than 500 (mostly angry) comments and more than 400 shares. 

The sign does not display the town logo or bylaw number, which has residents questioning its legitimacy. 

"Just wondering if anyone has actually seen this sign?" wrote Chris McCoy in a Facebook post. "I would think this would have to go thru town council first...as a by law...anyone hear of it going through council? There is no by law number on the sign so no way to enforce it...wondering if its really there...anyone want to go have a look..." 

Photo courtesy of Jason Miles/Orangeville Banner

Orangeville Mayor Jeremy D Williams responded, saying it might have something to do with the an insurance company undergoing a "risk assessment." 

"They determined that tobogganing on that hill was risky due to the shape of the hill," he said. "Again, I don't have specifics yet but will follow up [Thursday] morning. It's my understanding the sign(s) were posted based on their advice." 

"However, there is no bylaw stopping anyone from tobogganing, but the risk is there, hence the sign." 

He says it is the town's responsibility to warn and protect residents from possible dangers. 

Meanwhile, a couple of residents were so displeased they decided to the steal the sign in protest Wednesday night. 

According to the Orangeville Banner, two kids ran off with the sign but were apprehended by police soon after the theft.

"I thought it would be a joke,” said 18-year-old Jonas Buffett, who posed with the sign for a photo after he was caught by police. 

No charges were laid against the teen and the sign was returned. 

The Weather Network called the city of Orangeville for comment Thursday morning, but no one was available for comment by the time this story was published.

Be sure to check back for updates as we continue to follow this story.

WATCH BELOW (VIEWER VIDEO): Fun day tobogganing in Bowmanville, Ont.

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