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See how long the frigid temperatures are set to last.

Frigid temperatures continue to grip Ontario

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Sunday, March 23, 2014, 8:35 PM -

Although lake effect snow was occurring in some communities in Ontario this Sunday, the bigger story was the intense cold.

This "spring" is only a few days old, but Sunday morning was by far the coldest so far, rivalling much of the past winter in terms of frigidity. 

In many communities, wind chill values were down to the -20 mark and below.

Lake effect snow was developing in many communities Sunday morning, although amounts were not expected to rival those left behind by the storm that passed through southern Ontario Friday night through Saturday, which dumped significant snowfall on many communities.

Monday will see more lake-effect snow in some areas, with more cold weather. In the northwest, a cold front sliding through may bring isolated snow showers as well.

Late-week temperatures are expected to be more seasonal heading into next weekend, but that will be accompanied by a system that will bring both rain and snow to Ontario after originating in the Prairies.

That system will impact Ontario on Thursday and Friday.

TUNE IN: Watch The Weather Network on TV for updates on that system as it approaches.

No watches and warnings have been issued at this time.

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