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Ontario's seventh tornado of the season confirmed and a closer look at the weekend weather.

Ontario's seventh tornado of the season confirmed and a closer look at the weekend weather

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Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Friday, July 4, 2014, 8:39 AM - Another tornado has been confirmed in Ontario making it the seventh touch down so far this season.

A series of strong thunderstorms pushed through northern Ontario Monday prompting a tornado warning for western Algonquin Park.

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Later in the day, Environment Canada issued another tornado warning for the Timmins, Cochrane, and Iroquois Falls areas stating that "a thunderstorm just west of Timmins was showing signs of rotation."

Based on video evidence, one of these storms produced a tornado over Bear Lake at around 12:45 pm, EC says. Bear Lake is located approximately 30 kilometres to the northwest of Huntsville.

"Only isolated damage to trees has been reported so this event has been rated as an Enhanced Fujita Scale zero (EF0) tornado with peak winds between 90 and 130 kilometres per hour," says EC.

"Another interesting thing to note is that on average, Ontario sees about 12 tornadoes each year," adds Weather Network meteorologist Brett Soderholm. "That means the province has already reached over half the yearly tornado average so far."


The last weekend of June, which was an extended long weekend for many, ended up being extremely hot across much of southern Ontario.

Daytime highs near the 30 degree mark felt even warmer with a humidex near 40 in several places.

If the heat and humidity isn't your thing, this upcoming weekend could be the best weather yet so far this summer.

"We've had a lot of nice weather over the past few weekends, but this weekend will have it all," says Weather Network meteorologist Doug Gillham. "Low humidity, lots of sunshine and comfortable temperatures from start to finish."

Much more bearable conditions for outdoor activities and an opportunity to turn the air conditioning down.

In fact, below seasonal temperatures kicked off the weekend Friday, with many places waking up to more spring-like temperatures in the mid to lower teens.

For more details on your weekend weather, here's Dr. Doug Gillham.

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