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Ontario's 11th tornado confirmed near Ottawa

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    Friday, August 2, 2013, 11:10 AM -

    Based upon a detailed eye witness account, Environment Canada has confirmed the 11th tornado of the season in Ontario.

    "A brief tornado was observed this morning at approximately 9 am near Highway 7 just south of Carleton Place," Environment Canada said in a statement Thursday afternoon.

    The tornado was spotted in a field with visible rotation.

    No damage or injuries were reported and the event is being classified as a low end Enhanced Fujita Scale zero tornado, EF-0, with maximum wind speeds at the ground near 90 km/h, Environment Canada says.

    Thunderstorms pushed through eastern Ontario ahead of a cold front on Thursday morning.

    "Although no rotation was evident on Dopplar radar, weak tornadoes can develop along such a leading edge," EC explains.

    Earlier this week, another EF-0 tornado was confirmed along the Blair road area of Ottawa. The storm caused intermittent tree damage along a golf course over 100 metres.

    Ontario typically sees 12 tornadoes between late April and early October.

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