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Waters are high in parts of Belleville, Ontario, and there's a rainy few days ahead.

Ontario rain: Six things you need to know

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Saturday, April 12, 2014, 6:44 PM -

After a few days of what can only be described as lovely weather (notwithstanding fierce winds on Thursday), much of southern Ontario and Quebec is on tap for some major rainfall.

Although it is only April, there is even a chance of thunderstorms in the region, while further north, still more snow.

This comes at a time when the eastern Ontario town of Belleville is under a state of emergency due to flooding from the spring melt.

ON LOCATION: The Weather Network's Natalie Thomas will be in Belleville Saturday. Tune in for on-the-ground updates.

Here are six things you need to know about the incoming system.

What's the time frame?

Because the rain will be due to a series of disturbances rather than a single system, the region is looking at several days of rain.

More westerly regions should see the first drops begin to fall by Saturday afternoon, and across southern Ontario and Quebec the rains will intensify by Sunday night. You should expect some kind of rainfall event all the way through to Tuesday morning.

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In Quebec, the heaviest rains are expected overnight Sunday to late Monday night.

In northwest Ontario, snow - yes, snow - will also begin overnight.

How much rain is on the way?

This depends on location, but certainly areas further north and east are in for the highest amounts when all is said and done.

Up to 80 mm could fall on the most at-risk areas, with the least amounts in the Greater Toronto Area and Niagara peninsula, where less than 15 mm is expected.

Even after the past few days of warm temperatures and sunshine, more northerly areas will still have some snow pack, making for increased potential for localized flooding.

Belleville, Ont., is already experiencing flooding, and declared a state of emergency late last week.

Will there be snow?

Northern Ontario can't catch a break this spring.

Snow is possible as far south as North Bay, with the heaviest amounts expected in the Nickel Belt in a band reaching across the shores of Lake superior.

Around 5-10 cm is expected in the worst-hit areas, with locally higher amounts.

The snow may begin as rain in some more southerly areas, followed by a transition period of mixing before it becomes full-on snow as overnight temperatures drop.

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