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Soak it up while you can, Monday will be a little messy. See when it starts.

Ontario: After a warm and wonderful Sunday, get the umbrella ready

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Sunday, April 6, 2014, 9:45 AM -

The spring got off to a slow start in Ontario, but now it seems to be on a roller coaster.

After a rainy Friday in the south, and a snowy Saturday in the north, the province is in for a welcome break - in the form of clear skies and double-digit temperatures.

"It will be possibly the warmest day for Toronto for 2014," Weather Network meteorologist Matt Grinter said early Sunday.

Although Saturday morning did start out poorly for the region, with wet flurries and gloomy conditions, the mercury did rise to more comfortable levels, although not cracking the magic 10-degree mark, unlike what's in store for Sunday.

And as murky as Saturday was in the south, people in Northern Ontario would likely have settled for it.

Instead, they struggled through a winter-like blast that made the region the snowiest place in Canada between Friday and Saturday.

Soak up Sunday's weather while you can: It's back to April showers for most of southern Ontario on Monday.

A system brewing in the United States will make its way through the region beginning Monday afternoon, lasting through to Tuesday afternoon.

"Most of southern Ontario will see a rain event, expect the higher terrain of the Dundalk and Haliburton highlands can see accumulating snow through the overnight," Grinter said.

Check back here tonight and tomorrow morning for an updated look at this system as it approaches.

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