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'Only in Canada': Photo of Ottawa car goes viral

Photo courtesy: Brock Wijnbeek

Photo courtesy: Brock Wijnbeek

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, March 2, 2016, 6:12 PM - When news broke that a significant winter storm would be moving into southern Ontario and Quebec Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning, many residents began making preparations, like opting to work from home or leave extra time for the commute.

Whenever possible, first responders recommend prepping a vehicle for a storm before it actually hits. That means topping off washer fluid, replacing missing item's from your car's emergency kit, packing blankets and making sure cell phones are charged.

But one car-owner in Manotick, Ottawa looks like they've gone above and beyond to stay safe in extreme winter weather. 

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A photo of a Mercedes Smart car modified to resemble a snowmobile was spotted by Brock Wijnbeek Tuesday afternoon. He snapped a photo and uploaded to Reddit with the caption "Only in Canada."

 It  quickly went viral, racking up more than 2,500 upvotes and generating plenty of comments.

"That looks like a lot of fun. I would go snowmobiling in that thing and stay toasty warm," Reddit user Northumberlo commented.


Compared to other regions, Ottawa didn't receive much snow Tuesday and Wednesday -- between 10 and 14 cm --  but that was enough to cause some school buses to run behind schedule, along with delays and cancellations at Ottawa International Airport.

The storm has since pushed out of the region, with temperatures expected to gradually warm.

Ottawa is looking at above-freezing highs next week.

Sources: Reddit | Brock Wijnbeek

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