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You'll need to know ... it's going to lock your weather into place.

Omega block locks next week's weather in place

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Sunday, July 27, 2014, 1:03 PM - Whatever you think of next week's weather, don't expect it to change for a few days.

That's thanks to a weather pattern called an "omega block" that will keep Canada's weather stable for at least the next five days, before slowly dissipating.

"The type of weather we get at the start of the week is what you'll see at the end of the week," Weather Network meteorologist Matt Grinter said Sunday. 

An omega block is formed when an area of high pressure remains parked in place between two low-pressure areas, so called due to the distinct horseshoe shape the jet stream assumes as it curves up over it and back down.

In practice, what it means is that a big part of Canada will see above-normal temperatures, while areas on either side will be cooler.

B.C., in general, is looking at a dry week, especially the south coast and southern interior, where it will be warm and sunny, while the rest of the province will be unseasonably cool.

From the boundary line, stretching all the way through to southern Manitoba, the major Prairie cities of Edmonton, Calgary, Regina and Saskatoon are all in for a few days with no rain, but high humidity, making it feel like the 30s in many places.

Winnipeg is on the borderline between those two patterns, while to the east stretch Ontario and Quebec, with both provinces seeing a return to temperatures reminiscent of the relative cooldown from earlier in the month.

"Today's our last good day, then we drop down to the low 20s," Grinter says. "That's the trend we'll see all week."

Atlantic Canada, meanwhile, will be on the borderline of the omega block's effects. On the one hand, a cooldown is coming for parts of the Maritimes, but in practice what that will mean is the current unseasonably warm temperatures will be coming down to average levels, although Newfoundland will remain warm.

Grinter says once the omega block begins to move on, the gradual change in pattern will take place over a few days.

TUNE IN: Watch the Weather Network on TV for updates on these this pattern. If it's safe to do so, upload your pictures and videos here.

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