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Officials report that many incidents of animal cruelty have been reported.

Officials desperate to rescue injured duck

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Rodrigo Cokting
Staff writer

Friday, May 2, 2014, 9:36 AM -

An injured duck has residents in Mission Woods desperately trying to reach it to help.

The duck, which has taken residence in a local resident's backyard, is living with an arrow lodged in its neck. Officials are currently under the belief that the attack was not accidental, but rather an example of animal cruelty.

When Deborah Macon first spotted the injured bird in her backyard two days ago, she tried to approach it but the duck never let her get close enough.

Local animal control officials were called in to help with the situation. Attempts to capture the bird have been unsuccessful but will continue throughout Friday as rescuing the duck is now imperative to its survival.

Not an isolated event

Officials with Lakeside Nature Center explained that birds injured in this manner are becoming more and more common in the area.

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In the nearby Penguin Park and Shamer Park, several incidents of Canada geese being shot with arrows have been reported. Often they are taken to hospitals with multiple injuries.

In the case of this injured duck, Macon is willing to pay for any medical expense that may be necessary.

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