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Octopus steals GoPro camera in its tank

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Saturday, March 7, 2015, 1:01 PM - Camera enthusiasts, meet the octopus who'll photograph you right back.

Digital media producer Benjamin Savard was supposed to be shooting an octopus in its tank at Middlebury College in Vermont when the plans changed rather abruptly.

"The camera was automatically taking several photos of the octopus per second, but it picked up the camera and pointed it at me!" Savard wrote on Reddit, when he posted some of the pictures he'd taken.

And then, when Redditors expressed some skepticism, Savard cut the pictures into a Gif and posted that as well:

IMAGE: Benjamin Savard.

Savard told the Washington Post he'd intended to shoot photos to support a piece on the octopus, which was being studied by neuroscientists at the college. 

He set the GoPro to rapid-fire mode and put it in the tank, where it was promptly snatched by the octopus (which apparently tried to eat the camera as well).

Here's Savard's Imgur gallery of the shots he recovered from the GoPro:

You can check out Savard's Vimeo page here.

Octopuses are easily one of the smartest creatures on Earth, and their lack of thumbs is more than offset by their eight powerful arms. 

The last one to make the viral rounds chased a crab across the rocks, then dragged it to its doom in a nearby rock pool.

WATCH: Baby octopuses hatching

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