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Beautiful sunny morning in Quispamsis. The deer are starting to appear again after a long hard winter. Nice to see that they have survived.

Nova Scotia woman fined after feeding deer in backyard

Katie Jones
Digital Reporter

Saturday, May 2, 2015, 10:24 AM - Do not feed the deer.

After receiving this warning on four separate occasions, one woman in Nova Scotia is now facing a fine.

Jeannie Samad has been ordered to pay $233.95 to the town of Truro, after feeding deer in her own backyard.

Complaints from Samad's neighbours prompted town officials to visit her property, delivering verbal and written warnings ordering her to stop.

Samad says she has been giving the animals food throughout the winter months and has had up to 25 deer in her backyard at once.

Feeding deer and other wildlife violates a Nova Scotia bylaw that has been in effect since 2006, according to the town of Truro website.

Samad claims in her defense that she has been feeding the deer because they lacked a proper food source since winter began.

A stormy winter season blanketed many parts of the Maritime provinces in snow, making it difficult for many wild animals to find food.

Other local residents have stepped up to support Samad, claiming that many kinds of local wildlife would have died over the harsh winter had it not been for the people feeding them.

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The Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources discourages feeding wild animals, claiming it disrupts their natural foraging patterns and exposes them to greater risk from disease, predation and vehicle collisions.

Feeding deer is specifically discouraged due to the threat of Lyme disease, which is commonly spread to people by deer ticks.

Residents in violation of the bylaw couldface fines of up to $1000 or 30 days imprisonment.

Source: CBC | Town of Truro

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