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Not everyone has a sunny Sunday: Four things to know about today's weather

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    Daniel Martins
    Digital Reporter

    Sunday, June 8, 2014, 8:50 AM - The official start of summer is creeping closer, and some parts of Canada were feeling like it on Saturday.

    Then again, others woke up to near-zero temperatures, or rain. Read on to see what Sunday will feel like in your part of the country.

    Rain finally moving out of Newfoundland

    Newfoundland is still seeing isolated rain and cloud through today, although conditions will improve for Monday.

    In the Maritimes, the rain stopped yesterday, to the relief of New Brunswickers in particular.

    That province bore the brunt of that rain system, although its impact was region-wide.

    The Maritimes are expected to be clear today and Monday, but keep an eye on Monday night, when a new system is expected to bring more rain to the region, along with a chance of thunderstorms.


    Ontario hit the jackpot weather-wise on Saturday, with very toasty temperatures across much of the province.

    But the weather story changed in northern Ontario Saturday, with severe thunderstorm watches in place ahead of an approaching cold front. Those have since dropped, but the region will see isolated rain today before clearing in the evening.

    In the south, the rain moves in in the late afternoon, with the heaviest amounts expected in the Niagara region.

    That area, along with eastern Ontario, is also at risk of isolated, non-severe thunderstorms.

    It won't linger, though. Seasonal and sunny conditions return on Monday, lasting into Tuesday.

    Rain and storms in the Prairies

    To say the Prairie provinces had a chilly start to the weekend would be an understatement. In fact, Saturday morning was cold enough to break a few records.

    Not the kind of morning you want to have in June, especially if you're a gardener. Environment Canada actually issued frost advisories for parts of the region, with a couple of those even lingering into Sunday morning.

    Northern Manitoba was even more winter-like, with snowfall warnings being issued for a system that dumped several centimetres there.

    For Sunday, a trough continues through Saskatchewan and Manitoba, bringing more rain.

    As in Ontario, that system will bring a risk of thunderstorms, although they are expected to be isolated and non-severe.

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    The West Coast

    British Columbia was by far the warmest western province on Saturday, seeing some pleasant temperatures indeed.

    Temperatures are expected to remain seasonal Sunday, although there are showers in store for the central and north coasts.

    The southern coast, meanwhile, should be seeing drier conditions from a ridge offshore, with rain into the Interior.

    COULD BE WORSE: No less than six tornadoes touched down in Colorado on Saturday. Take a look at some of them in the video below.

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