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We're mesmerized by the incredible work of Norwegian photographer Kjell Bloch Sandved.

Norwegian photographer finds letters and numbers in nature

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Thursday, March 6, 2014, 3:01 PM -

Norwegian photographer Kjell Bloch Sandved has found a neat way to communicate with nature.

After amassing a large collection of butterflies and moths he noticed patterns that resembled letters and numbers, inspiring him to create the Butterfly Alphabet.

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Posters can be purchased from Sandved's website. You can also select letters to form a word of your choice, which Sandved then turns into a card.

Butterfly Alphabet, courtesy of Kjell Bloch Sandved

Butterfly Alphabet, courtesy of Kjell Bloch Sandved

Sandved has been selling his nature photography for some time, but his work is receiving a renewed interest after an article about him was posted to the popular news-sharing site Reddit.

While his work is incredible, it's worth noting that most butterflies aren't flying around with giant letters or numbers on their wings.

"... I chalk this up as a 'thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters' type of thing," a comment from Reddit user involv713 says. 

"Butterflies all have random patterns on their wings ... We tend to find what we are looking for and will bend our 'good enough' ... into ... what we want. But like I said, it sure does look neat."

If butterflies aren't your thing, check out the impressive collection of nature photography on Sandved's website.

And take a look at his Nature Alphabet. How many plants and animals can you spot?

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