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Nor'easter inbound to eastern Canada, including Ontario, Quebec

Nor'easter's impact reaches to Quebec and Ontario

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Monday, December 8, 2014, 8:17 AM - Nor'easters are often an east coast story, but this week Quebec and Ontario will share in the weather woe.

Both provinces are in line for some snow from this system, beginning Tuesday night. Although Wednesday will be the most intense day, the effects could linger even into Friday.

Strong winds will also be a threat with this system, and forecast snow amounts could be significant, particularly for the Montreal-Quebec City corridor and eastern Ontario, including the National Capital Region.

Forecasters are watching how the storm develops, and the exact amount of snow that could fall is still being determined.

Environment Canada issued special weather statements from Kingston to Quebec City and beyond on Sunday, warning of some kind of snow amount.

In Quebec, it starts Tuesday evening, spreading slowly over the central and eastern regions.

"It is still too early to forecast precise snowfall amounts due to uncertainty with regards to the storm's track," Environment Canada says. "However, some areas could receive in excess of 15 cm, mostly in the east part of the province."

In eastern Ontario, the snow will intensify in the pre-dawn hours Wednesday, making for a bad drive later in the morning.

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As with Quebec, Environment Canada says there's uncertainty over exact amounts, but the agency warns there's a chance storm totals could reach past the 25 cm mark before the system departs eastern Ontario Thursday morning.

And depending on temperature, the impacted areas of both provinces could also see some freezing rain, mostly on Tuesday evening.

In northern Ontario, a separate system is still impacting the region, with up to 20 cm still to fall on the extreme north, with fewer than 5 cm in Thunder Bay and the Nickel Belt.

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