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East Coast | Round Two

After another big East Coast storm, when's the next one?

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Saturday, March 10, 2018, 11:19 AM - Atlantic Canada has been in the path of some messy weather, with the second of three consecutive rounds set to wind down across the region Saturday after a hit that began Friday.

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Snowfall, winter storm and wind warnings covered much of the region as it felt the effects of a strong low, and though they have largely dropped, it's not quite finished.

"The low will sit over the southern Gulf today and continue to fill in while bringing bands of lights snow throughout Atlantic Canada and blowing snow along the gulf shores of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, with gusts to 40 km/h," Weather Network meteorologist Kevin MacKay said early Saturday.

Watch below: How the system plays out over the weekend

Snowfall will also mix with light rain across parts of Nova Scotia, and will continue across most of Newfoundland, easing south to north through Saturday afternoon. Coastal areas likely to see a mix of rain and snow.

On Sunday, a wrap-around rain/snow mix lingers across eastern New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, central and northern Newfoundland.

By Friday night, the storm had had a definite impact on the region, not just with heavy snow in some areas, but also powerful winds, including a gust of 154 km/h in Cape Breton Island.

ROUND 3 - Monday into Wednesday

Forecasters are keeping an eye on yet another big storm set to develop early next week, which could bring more significant stormy weather to the East Coast. Here's what we know so far.

WATCH BELOW: Tracking the third nor'easter 

"The chances of another big storm is likely going to happen, the impact however is still up in the air," says Weather Network meteorologist Chris Murphy.

The storm hasn't formed yet, but is expected to intensify off Cape Hatteras and lift its way northwards on Monday. This could be a snowy scenario once again for Atlantic Canada, a wintry mix or even a complete miss.

"Part of the problem here is that we still have some computer model discrepancy," Murphy says. "One thing the models seem to agree on so far is the wind, and it will be strong from Monday night right through to Wednesday."

Watch the direct video above for a breakdown of what the models are currently indicating. 

Continue to check back for updates as these systems approach

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