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Officials seek criminal investigation into sewage dump

Leeanna McLean
Digital Reporter

Friday, August 11, 2017, 8:48 PM - It's been just over two weeks since a sewage spill blackened water near the base of Niagara Falls, and now legislators are calling for a criminal investigation into the matter.

According to the Niagara Falls Water Board, the liquid consisted of "backwash water" from the local wastewater treatment plant. The dark and foul-smelling liquid was a result of residue from carbon filters after a worker at the plant let a submersible pump in the sedimentation basin run for too long.

The incident occurred on July 29 during a busy summer morning. The dark water surrounded where the Maid of the Mist tour boats are docked, The Associated Press reports.

It had dissipated by Sunday morning.

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On Thursday night, the Niagara County legislature passed resolutions calling for a full investigation into the wastewater incident.

The requests were made by the New York state attorney general, the Niagara County district attorney and the federal Environmental Protection Agency, according to The Associated Press.

Those who are found guilty could face a maximum penalty of US$37,500, says the news agency.

Check back for updates on this developing story.

SOURCE: Niagara Fall Waterboard | The Associated Press

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