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Newfoundland iceberg collapse caught on camera

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, July 30, 2014, 11:21 AM - The best place to watch icebergs wandering down from the Arctic is, famously, off the coast of Newfoundland, which is where Wanda Stead spotted the gargantuan berg in the YouTube video above.

You can DEFINITELY hear the panic in her voice when the huge, stunning arch just collapses right before her eyes, especially when you look at the mini-tsunami that forms at its base and begins racing toward the boat occupied by her and her husband.

Some might think she's overreacting a but, but we assure you, that's just because it's hard to tell scale in that video.

To give you an idea of the incredible size of it, take a look at the video below, shot by Stead earlier in the trip.

It easily dwarfs those homes and trees on the shore, towering over them as it meanders through the Bay of Exploits.

And even after the arch collapses, the berg continued to crumble, and Stead caught most of it on camera, it seems.

In the video below, look closely at the base. The sea is violent were much smaller pieces break off and tumble into the waves.

Stead posted that video to her YouTube channel on July 24, and it's been making the rounds on the internet since.

The Newfoundland and Labrador government makes iceberg watching a key plank in their tourism strategy, but they take care to warn boaters that there are risks to these particular chunks of nature's splendour.

"When viewing icebergs from the water, it is recommended that you maintain a safe distance ... equal to the length of the iceberg, or twice its height, whichever is greater," the Newfoundland government says. "Within this perimeter, there is a risk of falling ice, large waves, and submerged hazards. Safety should always be your first priority."

If you find yourself itching to get a glimpse yourself, check out Newfoundland's handy online iceberg finder service.

WANT MORE?: Check out the collapsing berg in the video below, sent in by a viewer in St. John's, Nfld. If it's safe to do so, upload your pictures and videos here.

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