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From Ontario to the Maritimes, yet another winter blast. See when drivers should be worried.

New winter storm targets eastern Canada

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Monday, February 3, 2014, 1:40 PM -

We've been watching it for a few days now, and now forecasters are warning people in eastern Canada to prepare for a "classic" snow storm.

"A Texas Low is forecast to track south of Lake Erie before dissipating as a new low develops off the coast of the Northeast US and tracks south of Atlantic Canada Tuesday night through Wednesday," says Weather Network meteorologist Doug Gillham. "This storm will bring moderate snow and gusty winds to Southern Ontario and Southern Quebec.”

It's yet another dose of winter after a weekend storm that brought wretched weather to Ontario and Atlantic Canada - not enough to top the storms of the past couple of months, but still unwelcome for winter-weary Canadians.

No watches or warnings have yet been issued in southern Ontario, but Nova Scotia was covered by a special weather statement issued by Environment Canada, warning of snow along with a possibility of ice pellets on the South Shore.

But south of the border, where this system is presently predicted to unleash its worst effects, winter weather watches or advisories covered a huge band from Colorado and Kansas all the way east to New York, Vermont and Massachusetts.

That Texas low will approach southern Ontario Tuesday evening, according to Weather Network meteorologist Gina Ressler, bringing 10-15 cm to some regions.

But Ressler says a slight northward shift in the storm's track could lead to increased totals, especially in the Niagara region.

"Light snow begins around Windsor dinnertime on Tuesday, near 10 p.m. to midnight for the Greater Toronto Area," Ressler says. "Snow continues through Wednesday, tapering into the evening."

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For Atlantic Canada, Tuesday will be relatively calm, but once the Texas low is done with Ontario, the east coast is next.

"The low moves through Wednesday to Thursday, bringing a swath of moderate to heavy snow and southern Newfoundland," Ressler says.

TUNE IN: We'll be covering this storm system as it approaches. Tune in to The Weather Network on TV for regular updates.

Weather Network meteorologists have been tracking this system for days. Take a look at what the models were saying Sunday:

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