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New weather app on Apple TV delivers localized forecasts

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    Tuesday, November 3, 2015, 11:55 AM - With the recent launch of the revamped Apple TV, it’s now host to a smorgasbord of new apps that promise to transform the television-viewing experience. 

    But will these new apps actually change the way we watch TV and get our daily news and information? 

    For instance, how does using The Weather Network Apple TV app compare to getting weather forecasts from other sources such as local news channels and the radio?   

    One big advantage is timeliness. Much like when you use a weather app on your smartphone, the new TV app makes it extremely quick and easy to access up-to-the-minute weather forecasts. The app’s warnings and alerts will also ensure you’re abreast of any incoming active weather, so there’s a real public safety benefit as well.  

    Most impressive, however, is just how personalized and localized these forecasts really are. While TV weather personalities and news anchors can only give you a forecast for the city or town you live in, the new app has PointCast technology, so you can get weather information as close as one kilometre of where you are. 

    The Weather Network Apple TV app allows you to search for and save different locations, so it’s always easy to access the weather content you’re looking for. The interface is also extremely simple and dynamic, so it’s easy to access key weather data, warnings and alerts through a click of the remote. 

    And with all the enhanced weather content that’s on the app, you can quickly browse Current, Hourly, 36 Hours and 14 Day forecasts not only where you live, but where your friends and family live as well—which, let’s face it, is always great when you need something to talk about on those phone calls home with mom.   

    You can download The Weather Network Apple TV app to experience the features on your Apple TV.

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