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Video shows stowaway drop from plane

New video surfaces of teen stowaway climbing out of plane in Hawaii

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Thursday, May 8, 2014, 7:38 AM - This newly released airport surveillance video clearly shows someone emerging from the rear of the plane.

Authorities say it's the 15 year old California stowaway coming out of the wheel well of the Boeing 767 that landed in Hawaii. Moments later, it appears the young man is dazed as he walks on the tarmac.

"You can see that he's obviously affected by five and a half hours well above 35 thousand feet..He staggers around. He's clearly affected," says aviation analyst Miles O'Brien.

The boy continues walking until he gets past the stairs of the jetway. Eventually you see him talking with an airport worker wearing a yellow vest.

LUCKY TO BE ALIVE: Teen stowaway lucky to be alive after hiding in plane's wheel well

If there were any lingering doubts about the young man's story, this video should put that skepticism to rest.

"From what I know about him he was a really shy person, didn't talk a lot, mostly kept to himself," says classmate Emanuael Golla.

The reserved high school sophomore, identified as Yayah Abdi, told investigators he was trying to get to Somalia to see his mother and had no clue where the plane was headed. It is believed that he hopped a fence at the San Jose International Airport shortly after 1 am on April 20 and stayed on the grounds for nearly seven hours before the plane took off.

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Medical experts say the lack of oxygen and subzero temperatures at high altitude put the boy in a state of hibernation.

Doctors say because of that hibernation, he may not have needed as much oxygen and that may be how he survived.

Though as some have noted, his disorienting journey would have been punishment enough.

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