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New surf record may have been set in Portugal

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Monday, October 28, 2013, 11:00 PM - Brazilian surfer Carlos Burle may have set a new world record for largest wave surfed on Monday.

Surf's up off the coast of Norte of Nazare, Portugal. 

Less than a year after Hawaii native Garrett McNamara possibly set a new record by surfing a reported 30 metre wave, Brazilian surfer Carlos Burle may have already broken that mark on Monday.

Initial estimates of the wave's height put it taller than the record set by McNamara, which was accomplished in the same location of Nazare.

Officials have not yet verified the height but it certainly was a monster.

The waves were massive, engulfing some surfers and even knocking one unconscious. 

Fortunately other surfers were able to pull him to safety, he was later taken to hospital with a broken leg. 

The region of Portugal is notorious for big waves due to an underwater canyon that runs 1,000 feet deep. It acts like a funnel that narrows as it gets closer to the shore - amplifying swells in the process. 

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