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New study finds mushrooms generate own wind to spread spores

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    Sunday, December 1, 2013, 7:38 PM -

    New scientific research shows that mushrooms can change the weather -- and no, researchers are not hallucinating. 

    Mushrooms have long been thought to be passive seed spreaders, but scientists at UCLA and Trinity College in Hartford, Conn., wondered how the fungi were able to disperse their spores without wind? 

    As it turns out, mushrooms do not need Mother Nature's wind. In fact, they create their own. 

    According to the study, oyster and shiitake mushrooms release water vapor that cools the air around them, creating convection currents. This in turn, generates miniature winds that lift their spores into the air. 

    Scientists say the lift can carry spores up to 10 cm horizontally and vertically. 

    Read more on this study on LiveScience.

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