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Paleontologists unveiled a new dinosaur Wednesday and, judging by its name, you've got to see this thing.

New dinosaur species nicknamed 'chicken from hell'

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    Thursday, March 20, 2014, 5:24 PM -

    Check out the video above for images of a new dinosaur species that scientists have nicknamed the "chicken from hell."

    The new dinosaur's proper name is anzu wyliei.

    The discovery was announced in the scientific journal PLOS one on Thursday. Scientists say you can think of it as a "really weird-looking bird."

    But this "bird" weighed about 500 pounds, stood about ten feet high and had very large hands with sharp claws.

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    Scientists say the anzu ate small animals, vegetation and possibly eggs.

    A team of paleontologists made the discovery after piecing together skeletal remains from three different sites in north and South Dakota.

    A replication of its skeleton is on display inside Pittsburgh's Carnegie Museum.

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