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Snow, frost AND thunderstorms, all in one province

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018, 5:11 PM - Snow in the Maritimes may not be unheard of, but it's almost always unwelcome. It's happened on Wednesday, but also coincided with an usual number of other severe weather risks.

While not as bad as Newfoundland, where snowfall warnings were issued as 30 cm of snow piled up in some areas, there were still a few flakes reported in northern New Brunswick, to the chagrin of many residents.

The snow, a courtesy of a cold front that crossed the province. Instead of snowfall warnings, New Brunswick spent Wednesday mostly covered by frost advisories as well.

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But aside from the wintry weather in the north, the south saw summer-like thunderstorms, prompting several thunderstorm watches, and even the occasional warning through the afternoon.

"A cold front usually brings active weather, but this front in particular was special, as precipitation rates were heavy enough to change the rain over to a period of wet snow in northern New Brunswick, while the dynamics further south along the cold front provided thunderstorms and the occasional lightning strike," said Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton.

After a frosty Wednesday night, showers loom for Thursday night into Friday morning, but likely no more snow, Hamilton says.

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