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The app every pet owner needs to have

New app helps dog owners connect to schedule doggy play dates

Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Saturday, July 12, 2014, 4:57 PM -

Nowadays there seems to be an app for just about everything -- including finding your dog a play date. 

A new mobile app called DoggyBnB connects dog owners with other dog owners in their area. 

The app's creator says it helps users find trustworthy people to look after their pets when they're gone or schedule a puppy play date. 

"If you like someone and are interested in meeting them and they like you, we connect you," said DoggyBnB CEO and Co-founder Adam Pokornicky. "It allows you to set up play dates, build community, find new friends whatever you want." 

Pokornicky says he got the idea for DoggyBnB after he had to miss out on a weekend out with friends because he couldn't find a dog sitter. 

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Files from CNN, cover photo via @doggybnb.

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